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Debonair Day Spa Salon, Day Spa, men, women, bridal registry, gifts, Spa Packages, massage, tanning, make-up, body waxing, facials, nail care, pedicures, wigs, hair care, body wraps, ear candling

 "City Services at Affordable Prices"

To look your best you have to feel your best.

Deb Preul, Owner
"National Certified Hair Colorist"

Spa Packages







Our body and mind pay the consequences for the negative effects of stress and our environment that we encounter daily.

A spa, at one time, was a luxury. In today's society, a spa, is now essential. That is why Debonair Day Spa is a dedicated therapeutic treatment facility, beneficial to your mental and physical well-being by relieving stress, tension, pain, and help you feel better about yourself. Our body and mind pay the consequences for the negative effects of stress and our environment that we encounter daily. To look your best you have to feel your best. Let us take you on a safari through our spa services for your renewed state of mind and body.

Spa Packages

"I want it all!" $220.00
Spa manicure, spa pedicure, ion detox, pariffin dip, massage, facial, make-up, haircut and style, with lunch.
Approx. 6 hours.  
"Most of it." $180.00
Spa manicure, spa pedicure, ion detox, partial massage, mini facial, make-up, shampoo, blow dry, and style with complimentary snack.
Approx. 4 hours.  
"Teaser" $100.00
Spa manicure, spa pedicure and massage
Approx. 3 hours.  
"Bride To Be" or Prom Princess $160.00
Spa French manicure, spa pedicure, 1 hour massage, 1 month tanning, hair updo, make up application  
"Dr. Feel Good"
Bachelorette Party
Choose from Spa Facial, or Pedicure & Polish, or Shellac Nails, or Chose 1 item from each list.
Click here for complete list.
Manicure, Pedicure & Take Home Polish, or Pedicure & Detox or Chose 1 item from each list
Click here for complete list.
"Little Ladies Birthday Spa Party" 
(12 & Under)
Up to 6 Girls Mix & Match
Mini Manicure  
Mini Pedicure  
Mini Facial  
Fun Hair Do 
Bring in pizza or treats.



Gift certificates are available. 
Each certificate can be tailored to fit the needs of your loved ones. 
Visa, Master Card, and Discover are also accepted for your convenience.

Top 10 reasons for gifts of Spa Packages

10 New baby
9 Wedding / Shower
8 Graduation
7 Secretaries Day
6 Mother's / Father's Day
5 Valentines Day
4 Anniversary
3 Christmas
2 Birthdays
1 Just because "I Love You"
Ask about reserving the spa for bachlorette parties or employees (Christmas, Secretaries Day, Incentives, Promos, etc...)

Men's Spa Packages

"Total Overhaul Package" $185.00
Rebuild Your Motor, Nail Tune-Up, Interior detailing, Feet Re-Alignment, Flushing Your Radiator, Oil Change and Lunch 
Approx. 5 hours
"5000 Mile Check-Up" $135.00
Rebuild Motor, Oil Change, Audio Rewire, Interior Detailing.
Approx. 3 hours.
"Maintenance Plan"
Oil Change, Adjust Your CarburetorInterior Detailing.
Approx. 1 hour
"Groom To Be"
Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure, 1 Hour Massage $100.00

Debonair Aromatherpy Scalp Massage is a great stress reliever for your neck, shoulders, and scalp. Excellent to help rid those headaches and sinus problems with manipulations and aromatherpy. A great addition with your shampoo, hair treatment or if you just don't have enough time for a full massage.
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A Facial is a deep cleansing of the pores that eliminates the dirt from the skin and actually gives the face a bath from the inside. While your skin is being cleansed, a massage is given to help relax the tension in the face and shoulder muscles, stimulating sluggish skin. An exfoliate is applied to remove dead and dry skin cells, revealing fresh new skin. An appropriate mask is applied for your skin type, giving your skin a healthier, more youthful look. Our Clients tell us it's the best. You'll love it. Ask about our maintenance plan for your skin and a make-up lesson to bring you up to date with our new colors and techniques.
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Collagen - Face Lift is when collagen into the skin with wheat germ protein to re-hydrate, rejuvenate, repair, tighten, and soften the skin. It reduces fine lines, smoothes and firms the skin, giving a lifting younger appearance.
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Microdermabrasion is an excellent addition to a facial. Fine crystals are suspended in luxurious blend of natural hydrators, vitamins A, C, E and other anti-oxidants. They are delivered deep into the skin. Microdermabrasion is an effective way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, help erase sun damage and scarring, minimizes hyper pigmentation and pore size, and balances oily skin. The benefits of this can be used from head to toe, gently polishing your skin and erasing away surface imperfections. Ask about our Derma Renewal Kit for at home convenience.
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Ear Candling is a simple and natural solution for ear problems. It effectively removes wax build-up, fungus, and impaction from within the ear canal. The hollow candle when lit gently softens and removes the wax upwards into the candle with absolutely no discomfort. The technique has been handed down by the Egyptians. Conditions that may benefit from this include headaches, ear infections, plugged ears, chronic sinusitis, TMJ dysfunction, excessive wax, hearing challenges, inner ear pressure and ear aches. Most people enjoy the process and find it very relaxing. Wonderful feed back from our clients. Great for people of all ages.
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A Full Body Massage is the rubbing and kneading of the body's tissues, muscles, and joints. Massages relieve tension, helps to stimulate circulation, and releases toxins to be eliminated while making the muscles and joints more flexible. Offering: Deep tissue- full body- stone approximately one hour, partial approximately one-half hour, or chair massage. It's a wonderful gift.
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Ion Cleanse Vitality Enhancement is detoxification of ones body through positive & negative ions created with a computerized array machine immersed in a foot bath. Physical pollutants such as toxic metal, harmful chemicals, parasitic organisms, dead cellular material & ordinary bodily waste products are expelled from the body through the bottom of your feet, which has the largest pores on your body. From this, many people have reported feeling more energetic, sleeping better, help expediting a cold or flu, eliminations from their lymphatic system, joints feeling better, relief from edema and other other pains. 

Beauty: More Than Just Skin Deep... Add a Spring in Your Step
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Salt Glow renews, stimulates, exfoliates and energizes your skin, salt glow is a must. It is fractional massaging of the body with sea salts and oils, excellent for special occasions with low back clothing showing fresh glowing skin.
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The wonder of Reflexology is in the manipulations seeking out sore spots on your feet or hands caused by congestion in the corresponding organs or glands. Pain from toxins escalates, sensitive spots are found, pressure movements are applied and gently worked; breaking up toxins to enable normal circulation to the nerves and affected areas.
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The fact is, often the most neglected part of your body is your feet. A Pedicure, not only exfoliates dry skin, it helps prevent ingrown nails. Calluses are buffed; then cuticles and nails are treated, includes mask and hot towels. Another important pedicure benefit is the 7000 nerve endings in your feet and legs are relaxed through massaging, which helps relieve tension and pain.
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A Manicure shapes the nails, treats and conditions cuticles. It also includes a moisturizing massage of the hands and lower arms. Your cuticles are then conditioned, nails shaped to help prevent ingrown nails, and polished for the finishing touch. A spa manicure adds an exfoliating mask.
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The pariffin treatment is a warm wax treatment that moisturizes the skin, reduces hang nails, and helps relieve arthritic pain. This can be used on hands or elbows. A great add on to a manicure.
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Through a continued commitment for higher education, Debonair Day Spa will provide excellent spa and hair services to maintain your personal image.
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